Iona College

Iona College was founded in 1914 and has a rich history. It is a school for girls only, aged between 12 – 18 years old (Years 7-13).

Until 1988 Iona was exclusively boarding. Today boarders comprise 60% of the school roll.

The school is situated in 27 acres of park-like grounds. There are extensive playing fields, netball and tennis courts, a fitness studio as well as a sports centre and swimming pool. We have purpose-built facilities for art, design, photography, music and technology.

The award-winning state-of-the-art Information Resource Centre and Blyth Performing Arts Centre enhance the learning environment for our students. These are magnificent and dynamic spaces to learn and perform in.

Iona provides considerable co-curricular activities. A very active school on the sports field, Iona participates fully in many sports. Our sporting interests extend into athletics, badminton, basketball, canoe polo, cricket, equestrian, soccer, softball, swimming, touch rugby and volleyball as well as the usual sports of hockey, football, netball, and tennis. Every girl is encouraged to participate and develop her own particular skills.

Iona students pursue varied cultural activities. Students are involved in chamber music ensembles, choirs, concert bands, drama, kapa haka and rock bands. Optional private tuition is available for singing and a wide range of musical instruments.

The government authority Education Review Office reports that Iona College’s “regular monitoring and review processes provide good information about how well students’ pastoral care and education needs are met. The progress and achievement of these students in English language learning and the curriculum are known to the board and teachers. Data shows students make good progress and transition well prepared for future pathways. All international students live in the boarding hostel. They are integrated into the school community. Feedback from students and their parents indicates high levels of satisfaction”.

“The quality of care is high. Girls are provided with comfortable, clean living conditions that offer a degree of privacy and opportunities for social interaction. Students are supervised after school for prep and during the night. Weekend activities are offered. Food is nutritious, varied and appetising. Dietary needs are observed.

Marina Arai (University of Tsukuba, Japan) says:

“Studying at Iona definitely prepared me well for my integrated international study degree. It helped me to communicate with foreign teachers and students easily and now writing is not that difficult for me.

At Iona I lived with my classmates and friends. It’s such a cool thing to do. I remember the fun times we’ve had sitting on the bed, chatting about songs, movies and stars”.

Elsa Zhou (Year 7, China), says:

“At Iona there are many opportunities to work together. In China, we just work by ourselves. It is good that at Iona we help each other, not just think about ourselves because when we grow up we can’t just work by ourselves, we must work with others”.